Liquid Planet University

Liquid Planet University

Welcome to Liquid Planet University or LPU, where you’ll find all there is to know about beverage… eventually, that is. We’re constantly adding content and hope you’ll check back frequently for more and updated information. If there is something specific you would like to have more information on, simply comment or email us directly at

You are What you Drink!

the sipLPU is also home to ‘The Sip’ – the Liquid Planet monthly publication by our own Emissary of Beverage Heather Thuesen – sit back, relax with your favorite beverage and let yourself be amused and educated.

Wine Guy MikeWine Guy Mike’s monthly publication ‘The Grapevine’ can also be found right here at LPU.  Whether you ‘know your vino’ or can’t distinguish a Chardonnay from a Malbec – this column has something you’ll enjoy and understand.


15 Responses to Liquid Planet University

  1. dave says:

    what teas are caffiene free?

    • liquidplanet says:

      Hi Dave – Sorry this is not more clear on the site, we’ll update these descriptions. Of the 12 current Liquid Planet teas – the following are caffeine free: Chocolate Safari, South African Sunset, Starry Night & Fruit Harvest. In general, if it is referred to as “Herbal”, “Fruit”, “Rooibos” or “Tisane” it will almost always be caffeine free. “Black”, “Green”, “White”, “Oolong”, “Matcha” & “Mate” will be caffeinated.

  2. Thomas Lee Monroe ™ says:

    I can smell the aroma of a fresh brewed cup of java emitting from your website.

  3. debra winkelman says:

    Where are you located..originated where? Thks

  4. susan kozma says:

    Do you have dirty martini and chocolate martini lolita glasses in stock?

  5. Angela Palmieri says:

    I am a huge tea drinker and found your tea at a small coffee shop in Manhattan. Are you looking to expand more to the NYC markets? Love to talk if you are ……

  6. Joshua says:

    I love Liquid planet in Missoula, infact I met my fiance there so it has a special place in my heart. I had hoped to franchise one day and was wondering if that is something you guys still do? I was relocated for work to Olympia, Washington and would love to look into establishing a shop here.


  7. Ryan says:

    Any current coupon codes for your Airscapes? I’d be ordering if I could find one. Thanks!

    • liquidplanet says:

      We aren’t currently running any specials on the AirScapes and don’t have anything planned as of yet. You do get free shipping on orders over $75. We suggest following us on Facebook and signing up for our newsletter where we make our customers aware of sales/specials! Thanks for taking the time to contact us.

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