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Toddy Coffee with a French Press!

Toddy coffee, or cold brewed coffee, is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason.  The coffee you end up with is very smooth, and contains much lower acidity levels than a brew made with hot water, making it … Continue reading

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The Sip – January 2012 – Relaxing Rooibos

Outside, the crisp and crystalline Montana winter day wears an exposed, austere face.  The spine of the mountains in the distance rises sharply, but the glittering hoarfrost on the trees softens the landscape, adding dimension to the starkness of the … Continue reading

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The Grapevine – What’s Sparkling in Your Glass in 2012?

-A Tribute to the New Year Champagne and Sparkling wines are drinks of celebration, so it is important to understand what’s out there, and more importantly how they are different.  Champagne and sparkling wines are technically, still wines; however they … Continue reading

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