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Decanting and Aerating – What’s That?

So you’re a normal wine drinker.  You know enough to be dangerous, knowing decanting is important since the sales person at your wine shop said so.  Or maybe you just picked up the latest and coolest looking aerator that inserts … Continue reading

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Spiked Thin Mint Milkshake

Like a lot of Americans you likely received your annual delivery of girl scout cookies – and not that they aren’t delicious on their own – BUT – try this little gem of a recipe to adultify them!  This sweet … Continue reading

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The Grapevine – The Iceman Cometh

Making wine each and every vintage can be very difficult.  Winemakers are at the mercy of Mother Nature and never know for sure until harvest time what the bounty of the crop has yielded. Ice wine is a form of … Continue reading

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The Sip – April 2012 – The Burning River in a Small Glass

American author Tom Robbins, in his novel “Still Life with Woodpecker,” wrote that tequila was a drink of outlaws, describing it as a “liquid geometry of passion.”  It has been the sordid catalyst for spring break “shooter” shenanigans with college … Continue reading

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