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Cold Brew versus Hot Brew Preparation

A customer recently asked us:  “Can any coffee be brewed via a cold press method?  And, what is the difference between a cold versus hot brew”? Our resident coffee gurus teamed up with this response: yes, all coffees can be … Continue reading

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Bottled Water Defined

Some of the more common U.S. types of bottled water are listed below: • Artesian Water – The purest of waters, this type of water originates from a confined aquifer that has been tapped. Artesian water flows from the tap … Continue reading

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The Finer Points of Espresso

• Espresso is not a type of roast but rather an extraction process where hot, not boiling, water is forced under high pressure (9 bars of pressure) through coffee that has been finely ground. • Espresso machines come in various … Continue reading

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The Many Ways to Produce Coffee

From smallest to coarsest grind. ‘Turkish Coffee’ – traditionally served in an Ibrik Turkish coffee is the common term for a specialized coffee made in Turkey, the Middle East, and Arab countries.  Known as kahve, the Arabic word for coffee, … Continue reading

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Coffee Extraction Methods

Extraction Methods: There are numerous coffee extraction methods, all of which create a unique flavor profile. General Extraction Times and Grind Size Extraction time is directly proportional to the size of your grind and the type of extraction method you’re … Continue reading

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