In Regards to Wine – Oxygen Good or Bad – Answer – Yes.

decant wineThis is a hard one to wrap the brain around but when it comes to wine:  oxygen is good AND bad.  It’s great (and necessary) when the wine is first poured from the bottle.  Conversely, too much exposure and it oxidizes.  We’ve all experienced the latter – you reach for that cabernet that tasted really good just a few days ago (or was that more than a few days??) and now tastes a little like fermented grape kombucha with a hint of apple cider vinegar.  On the opposite end of the spectrum when a wine is newly uncorked it may have a stuffy, overly acidic, meaty and almost furry taste.  This wine hasn’t seen enough oxygen and is referred to as being “reductive”.  You are more likely to experience this if the wine is a twist cap or if the wine is especially aged. Hence the desperate need for oxygen.  So how much is perfect?  Given so many wines with different ages, there is no perfect answer and this particular article is less about decanting and more about wine preservation.  However, in a nutshell, you want to decant for about 15-20 minutes for a standard, just purchased at the store wine.  For older wines, figure about an hour for every 10 years.  Contrary to popular belief you will see benefit from decanting both reds and whites.  Finally, don’t decant what you don’t think you’ll drink right then – that makes the preservation incredibly difficult.

savinowinepreservationFor what you haven’t decanted you’ll REALLY want to preserve because let’s face it, even cheap wine isn’t cheap and who wants to waste even a drop of wine…… ever.  Wine, let’s say half a bottle, will oxidize on average in 3-5 days.  The good news is that we know why:  too much oxygen.  The bad news: it’s everywhere and difficult to remove.  While there are MANY gizmos on the market that try to address this – we’ve found a handful that seem to make some difference and a couple that make a BIG difference.  One of our newest favorites is the Savino wine preserver.  It’s hard not to fall in love with simple functionality and elegant design.  Instead of trying to “pump” oxygen out or replace oxygen with gases like many products (some successful and some not), the Savino simply creates a physical barrier to the oxygen.  Truly simple to use, you just pour the remaining wine into the Savino carafe, place the “float” on top and go about life until it demands another glass.  The float is not removed but rather used to aid in a flawless and beautiful pour and thus, the preservation is continuous no matter how low the wine goes.  Watch the Savino video and beautiful pour on our video tab here.  Sometimes the best answers are truly the most simple and we think Savino nailed it.  It’s available in both a flint glass version and a Tritan copolyester (BPA-Free plastic) version both made in the good ‘ol US of A. As the cool kids would say “keep calm and wine on”.

Purchase the Savino Wine Preservation Carafe on our site.

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