The Sip – Amazing, Beautiful Water

 “Water:  the most basic element of life; three molecules held together through simple chemical bonds.  There is nothing that water does not touch somehow; it is the wellspring of vitality for all of the earth, which is undeniable whether or not you believe it was divinely created or randomly generated.  For humans in particular, this extraordinary compound refreshes, chills, sustains, and bonds every living soul on our beautiful planet.”

These were the first words that I ever wrote in beginning this column, and in the subsequent months I’ve explored many of the forms of beverage that manifests from water, many with offshoots of the phrase aqua vitae, or “water of life.”  However, for all of us, water is life.   The human body, being nearly 70% water composition, can exist a month without food, but not more than one week without water.  This basic element regulates our body temperatures, balances our immune system, detoxifies our systems, lubricates our joints and internal functions, optimizes brain functions, revs up our metabolism and transports nutrients to every part within us.  Even a drop in hydration by a seemingly mere 2% can make us dehydrated, with symptoms such as fuzzy focus, both mentally and visually, difficulty with short term memory retention and basic analytical brain functions.  If you’re finding that you’re easily fatigued during the day, you may actually be experiencing mild dehydration, so even drinking a glass or two of water may make a huge difference in your energy levels.  For those who are conscious of their weight, whether for weight loss or muscle function, increasing your hydration levels can have a huge impact on your health goals.  Drinking a glass of water as a substitute for a higher calorie beverage or increasing the eating of foods with higher water content can help to shrink daily caloric intake.  Not to mention, the increase in hydration will help muscles retain peak performance levels during a workout.  Keeping properly hydrated, especially during warmer seasons where hotter temperatures burn up your internal hydration faster, is sure to enhance your overall glowing health.

Our physiology isn’t the only place that water works its magic.  It is the prominent feature of our planet, covering three-quarters of the earth, and vital to all aspects life as we know it in a series of amazing naturally sustaining cycles.  Civilizations from the beginning of time have centered themselves around water sources, forming villages and cities near wellsprings and rivers.  Artists and photographers and writers spend much time expounding on the beauty of water, whether it is in the setting of a tranquil, serene pond or the awe inspiring crashing of the ocean.  Outdoor enthusiasts get myriads of opportunities to play in it, and over it, and under it, with as many sports and recreations as the human brain can think of.  It is one of the only elements that is capable of bringing us flowing serenity in one moment, but can also drown us in crashing sorrow the next.   At its high points, water is the subject of refreshing exultation, but the increasing scarcity of unpolluted, potable water also makes it a very intense subject of political strife and discord.   The harmony that we have as individuals, as well as the harmony we share within communities and across the global civilizations is intrinsically connected with our water supplies.

For something that we as humans may take for granted, water is certainly one of the most unique beverages we can consume on earth, because not only does it refresh and sustain us, but in the vast amount of ways that it literally and figuratively connects us to the planet.

Liberty32_MichaArcher_ThumbIf you’re anything like me, it’s really hard to properly intake what would be considered “enough” water.  Fortunately, there are a number of options that we have available to us to drench our bodies and spirits in a fun and refreshing way, either with drinking bottled specialty waters or dressing up our water from home in a kicky and cool water bottle.  Liquid Planet has an enchanting selection of fun and functional stainless steel and BPA- free water bottles.  I am especially fond of the Liberty Bottles, as they are all American made and recycled stainless steel (not to mention fantastically creative).

blkwater2For those of you beverage enthusiasts who have to have the most up and coming hydration, you can pick up a bottle of Blk., which is a unique and specially balanced water infused with fulvic acid which naturally accelerates absorption of nutrients and antioxidants in the body (and yes, it’s naturally black colored!)  For those looking to get your “om” on, the perfectly pH balanced Qure water will hydrate and refresh you with alkaline ionic minerals.  Also available is a variety of coconut waters, flavor-infused waters and waters both still and sparkly, all for your revitalizing pleasure!  If bottled water isn’t your thing, Soda Stream water carbonators are also available, so you can create your own fizzy fun at home without the need to buy canned sparklers.

In the vein of refreshing my personal spirit, this article is especially dedicated to Scott Billadeau and all of the Liquid Planet family, who are constant reminders that we are what we drink (and always in the most fun ways possible); to Javier Saenz, who is an inspiration to constantly ‘be water;’ to the wellspring of our Missoula community, which allows us to bond in a rich sea of real “soul,” and to Henry David Thoreau, who said that “water is the only drink for a wise man.”

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