The Grapevine – Italy’s Finest Bubbly

Established in northern Italy’s Trentino region over a century ago, Ferrari has earned a worldwide reputation as the premier source of luxury Metodo Classico sparkling wines from Italy.

The legend of Ferrari began with a man, Giulio Ferrari, and with his dream of creating a wine in Italy inspired by the very finest French Champagne.  A skilled enologist Ferrari studied at the prestigious School of Viticulture in Montpellier, France.

Ferrari was founded in 1902 by Giulio Ferrari.  After studying in France, Giulio returned to Trentino convinced that his native region’s terroir was ideal for growing Chardonnay grapes suitable for the production of world-class sparkling wines.  A pioneer in Italian viticulture, Ferrari was the first Italian winemaker and viticulturalist to dedicate his vineyards almost entirely to Chardonnay – and by 1906 Ferrari was producing award winning sparkling wines.  Ferrari was well on its way to producing what would soon become the most famous sparkling wine in all of Italy.

Trentino – Alto Adige is a region located in the northeastern portion of Italy featuring two distinct areas.  Trento is located in the southern portion of the region and is steeped in Italian culture.  The Alto Adige area is located in the northern territory at a higher altitude near the Adige River and is predominantly a Germanic culture.

Cantine Ferrari’s vineyards are located in the Trento area, situated on south facing high altitude slopes.  The Adige River runs parallel to the vineyards and is governed by the Trento D.O.C.  During the day warm Mediterranean influences from the Veneto wine region flow into the vineyards surrounding Trento.  Late afternoon glacial breezes from the Dolomite Mountains in the Italian Alps funnel cool air into the vineyards.  The cool night air slows the ripening process, concentrating the fruit and sugar of the grapes. Glacial water rich in mineral content is another important component of Trento’s terroir, aiding in producing spectacular grapes.

There is a special saying in this Alpine region that speaks to the importance of wine; Pane e vino fanno un bel bambino or “bread and wine make a beautiful baby”.

In 1952 Giulio Ferrari having no children of his own, chose friend and local merchant Bruno Lunelli to succeed him as owner of the business he loved.  Giulio continued to work in the winery until his death mentoring Lunelli insuring the vision for quality and success would continue.  Thanks to meticulous labor in the winery, combined with his innate entrepreneurial verve, Bruno Lunelli increased production until it reached one hundred thousand bottles a year.  Today Lunelli’s sons, Gino, Franco and Mauro, continue the legacy of producing exclusively award winning Metodo Classico sparkling wines.

All Ferrari wines are produced according to the regulations of the Metodo Classico Trento D.O.C, a process used by the finest Champagne houses.  Ferrari’s best known wines are produced as blanc de blancs, these are sparkling wines made from 100% Chardonnay.  Ferrari sparkling wines are beautifully crafted, restrained, integrated, and subtly complex.  These wines are excellent companions for rich holiday meals, cheese courses, or to be enjoyed on their own.

The bouquet and flavor of Ferrari sparkling wines is second to none due in part to exceptional winemaking led by chief winemaker Marcello Lunelli.  Proprietary yeast cultures developed by Giulio Ferrari, glacial water rich in minerals, and ideal growing conditions are also important components of Ferrari sparkling wine.

Today, the third generation of the Lunelli family is at the helm, overseeing 300 acres of prime estate vineyards in Trentino.  This pursuit of excellence is an enduring family legacy.

Under the Lunelli’s watch, Ferrari is a 22-time winner of the Tre Bicchieri award, Italy’s highest wine accolade.  For a complete review of the Ferrari sparkling wines, visit and click on Corridor.

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